Clogged Pipe Repair in Redlands, CA

Clogged Pipe Repair in Redlands, CA

We fix clogged pipes whenever you need us to

If you’re battling a slow drain, over-the-counter chemicals may only provide a temporary solution. Tri-City Plumbing & Rooter Services fixes clogged pipes in the Redlands, California area.

An experienced plumber will provide a sewer camera inspection to determine the source of your problem. There are a variety of options for clearing the clog, including:

  • Hydro jetting
  • Pipe snaking
  • Pipe replacement

  • We’ll use high-pressure water to blast away crud and debris to get water flowing through your clogged pipes. Call 909-328-0306 when you need an emergency pipe repair in Redlands, CA.

Schedule pipe repairs whenever the need arises

On bigger jobs, you’ll get a five-year warranty on our work. Because problems don’t always happen during normal business hours, we offer emergency services around the clock.

Schedule 24/7 pipe repair services in Redlands, CA by contacting Tri-City Plumbing & Rooter Services today.